Going Beyond Customer Service


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No. of mini-lessons 5

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Course overview

You can probably think of a time when you’ve been at the checkout, and the server has done the bare minimum. Checked out your items, ran your cash through the register, smiled and told you to ‘have a nice day’.

All fine and dandy, but could they have gone further? If they were practicing great customer service, then yes, they could have tried cross-selling or upselling or used a range of other techniques to make you feel really special.

Now imagine If everyone started offering this same type of excellent customer service. To stand out you’d need to go beyond the same same. This course will show you how.

What's covered

The life cycle of customer service

How to use ‘out of the box’ thinking specific to your brand

How to personalize without annoying your customers

Top tips from business CEOs on how to go above and beyond

What’s ‘High touch’ customer service

going beyond customer service online training course

Why your teams need this course

When it comes to customer service, you don’t just want to be as good as the rest – you want to be better! So, if you work as a leader or manager in a customer-focused role and want to take your customer care to the next level, this course will help. It covers the life cycle of customer service and helps you think outside the box. You’ll also learn how to use techniques to deliver personalized service that won’t annoy your customers. Who knows? You could even give Amazon a run for their money as the leading customer service brand.