Handling Complaints – Taking Ownership


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Course overview

We’ve all had a complaint about a product or service – even if we didn’t raise it with anyone. But how frustrating would it be if you did raise it with the company (or individual) and no one took ownership? It’s unlikely to be resolved, which will only cause further complaints. And it’s the same for your own customers.

It’s important for both individuals and the organization as a whole to handle complaints in an appropriate way. That includes taking ownership of the issue. Handling a complaint the wrong way, and not taking ownership, can cause it to escalate.

What's covered

Potential consequences of failing to handle complaints effectively

Effective methods for handling complaints

Appropriate ways to demonstrate ownership of complaints

Why your teams need this course

Complaints affect all levels of a retail business, from retail assistants to head office, and everyone within an organization can play a part in ensuring they’re handled effectively. This course will benefit anyone working in retail, at any level, and will focus on the consequences of failing to handle a complaint correctly, show effective methods for handling complaints, and explain how to demonstrate ownership.

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