Managing Customer Expectations


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Course overview

When customers choose a brand, business, product, or service, they have expectations about it. If those expectations aren’t fulfilled, they’re going to be disappointed. And as the face of customer service, your customer service employees may unfortunately experience their frustration firsthand. But they can take action to reduce the risk of getting unhappy customers. 

In customer service, your employees need to manage customer expectations to avoid creating bad experiences and customer frustration. Expectations can be shaped by many things, including the way you communicate, or experiences customers have had elsewhere. To help them manage expectations, your teams can apply several tips. This course is going to show them how to manage customer expectations.

What's covered

Common types of customer expectations

Factors that influence customer expectations

Tips to manage customer expectations

Why your teams need this course

Managing customer expectations is a key part of any customer-service role. During this course, your customer service teams will find out what kinds of expectations customers may have, and how these can be influenced. They’ll also learn tips on how to manage customer expectations and balance them with the expectations of the business.

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