Phishing and Anti-Spam Software


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No. of mini-lessons 4

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Course overview

Ever received an email from your bank which seems to be legit but, well, there’s something off about it? Maybe it starts with, “Dear valued customer” instead of using your name? If you have received anything like this, then it’s likely you’ve been targeted by phishing criminals.

Phishers pretend to be from authorized organizations to trick you into giving away sensitive information, such as usernames or credit card details. It’s a malicious and widespread activity. But suffering loss as a result can be prevented. One of the most effective ways is through anti-spam software which blocks suspicious emails from getting into your account.

What's covered

How to recognize a phishing attack, for example an email or cell phone message

How anti-spam software works to prevent email spamming

How to protect yourself and avoid becoming a victim of phishing

phishing and anti spam software online training course

Why your teams need this course

Phishing scammers release thousands of attacks every single day. Yet knowledge is power, and by learning how to spot the signs you will help to protect yourself. This short course is suitable for professionals, organizations, and any individual who uses a computer or cell phone. Yep, that means pretty much all of us.

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