Physical Security


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Course overview

Your staff may occasionally experience the sensation of being observed, especially in seemingly mundane situations such as waiting in line while browsing through their messages. It can be unsettling, right? Usually, it’s an innocent action and they don’t have to worry about it. But not being aware of it could lead them to accidentally let the wrong people see sensitive information.

There are so many ways to protect information in the virtual world now that it’s easy for them to forget about keeping data physically safe. But physical security is a vital part of cybersecurity. And there are physical security risks your employees need to be aware of, so they can take steps to minimize them.

What's covered

The potential physical security risks in the workplace

The signs of each physical security risk 

The actions to minimize physical security risks

Why your teams need this course

Every business holds data that needs to be protected. And it’s up to everyone to take steps, including physical ones, to make sure that happens. This course will help your employees identify the physical security risks they might face at work. And by using the advice in the course, they’ll be able to minimize these risks.