Remote Goal Setting


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Course overview

Goals are important. Without them, games of soccer would never end! There would just be a bunch of players aimlessly kicking a ball around until it got dark. Working without goals can also feel just as pointless. Especially if you’re not in the office. It’s tricky for employees to stay motivated when they’re far from their colleagues and managers and can’t directly see the end result of their efforts

As a manager, this is clearly something that needs to be addressed, and it can be. Goal setting is important when working remotely to keep team morale up and ensure everyone is focused on their tasks. This course will help managers set effective goals for their team and recognize the challenges working remotely can bring.

What's covered

Why goal setting is important to teams that work remotely

What makes an effective goal for your team to achieve

How to set remote-working goals for your team

Why your teams need this course

This course will teach your managers helpful frameworks with which to set remote goals for their team. Suitable for team leaders and managers of all levels, this course will also recognize the best types of goals to set and why they are so important when working remotely.

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