Resilience in Sales


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Course overview

Business can be tough. But 1 area of business can be so much tougher than the rest. From disinterested people putting the phone down, to other businesses dodging your calls. In sales, rejection happens all the time. That can get pretty disheartening and make your salespeople feel like giving up.

Even the greatest salesperson will experience rejection at some point. The key is resilience. This course will help your sales teams improve their sales resilience by giving them tips to change their mindset. They’ll learn about letting go of what they can’t control and figure out how to reflect and learn when the going gets tough.

What's covered

Why resilience is so important in sales

The benefits a positive mindset can have on your resilience

How to implement strategies to change your thinking and improve your resilience

Why your teams need this course

This course will help anyone in a sales role to improve their resilience and deal with rejection. It will also help them understand how a positive mindset can help their resilience.

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