The Basics of Business Writing


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Duration 15'

No. of mini-lessons 5

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Course overview

All professional writing needs to meet a certain standard. No one wants to read a badly written story or report. If the content doesn’t make sense and the sentences are grammatically incorrect, the readers will quickly give up reading it, and its message will be lost. 

This is also true of business writing. Your teams don’t need to write an award-winning novel every time they send a memo. But learning to write well will help them in all aspects of their job. From sending perfectly pitched letters and emails, to writing clear reports that will influence important business decisions, increasing their skills in written communication can make working life a whole lot easier. This course will show your teams how.

What's covered

How to use good techniques in internal business correspondence

How to apply effective writing techniques in letters and emails

How to improve written communication skills in reports

Why your teams need this course

Everyone can benefit from improved business-writing skills. This course will provide your teams with useful tips to improve their written communication skills, teach them how to plan and edit their writing, and help them apply these techniques to all areas of their work.