TalentLMS for workplace harassment training: Create a safer, welcoming workplace

Minimize risk with teams that know right from wrong.

Secure organizational benefits with

workplace harassment training software

Stay compliant

Protect yourself, your org, and your people from liability by complying with governmental training mandates.

Limit occurrences

Communicate the forms harassment can take and positively modify employee attitudes and behaviors.

Build confidence

Foster a safer workplace by empowering your people to identify and report cases of harassment they encounter.

Cut turnover

A safer, more equal workplace will increase the likelihood of your employees sticking around for the long run.

Boost morale

Train a considerate team and create a safe environment where your people can focus on getting work done.

Leave a lasting impression

with training on TalentLMS

Keep your teams up to date

Cover all your bases with automatic course re-enrolment. Rely on TalentLMS to ping learners to recertify when workplace harassment training nears expiry, so no one slips through the cracks.

Document your compliance

Log your org’s commitment to workplace harassment training. Keep digital records with custom downloadable reports you can share with any stakeholder to prove your people’s compliance.

Train management’s support skills

Offer self-led workplace harassment training online and on demand. Increase engagement by avoiding scheduling conflicts to transform training from a rushed click-through exercise to unhurried, memorable learning.

Encourage knowledge retention

Dealing fairly and sensitively with reports of workplace harassment can be intimidating.
Prepare your leaders to protect your team’s well-being with targeted training in a separate, dedicated learning environment.

Boost awareness with ready-made sexual harassment training

Check off government-mandated training with certified sexual harassment courses. Designed to meet your needs, with different roles, industries, and locations covered, you’ve still got options even when training’s no option.

Not every country (or even state) has the same laws governing training. But, no matter your location, you can safeguard your teams and your org with specific courses created to ensure your compliance.

All you need to do is sign up, add the courses you need from the course store, and assign them to your learners. Now you can start raising awareness without the stress of course development and looming audits.


USA, UK, Canada, Global

US states

CA, CT, DE, IL, ME, NY, NYC, WA, Chicago


Construction, Healthcare, Hotels, Restaurants, Retail, General

Certified providers

Traliant, HSI/Vado, Bigger Brains, Syntrio

Certify your people

with award-winning workplace harassment training software

Go mobile

Support your teams’ access to training no matter where they are. In a quiet, private moment, your people can access the resources they need from the convenience of devices they always have with them.

Train your employees even when they are on the move with the mogile lms that has you covered.

Assemble your resources

Offer all your training docs and resources from one accessible place. So, whenever your people need to check material, they know exactly where to look. Without messaging you to ask which drive to search through.

TalentLMS features that support your training.

Scale your training

TalentLMS won’t slow learning down. Built on the latest and lightest tech, TalentLMS stays up and running, no matter how many learners you have. And, with a scalable pricing plan, you can be sure you’ll never pay for features you don’t need.

Take a look at the technlogies that TalentLMS has partenered up with.

70,000+ teams trust training on TalentLMS.

See what they have to say:

The software allows us to meet strict training & retraining requirements by different regulations in the form of ‘Certificates’

Mauricio G. | Source: G2

[TalentLMS] has allowed our organization, which is highly regulated and audited… to increase our average monthly compliance by approximately 25%. The platform, the reporting features, and ability to cater to our company has made this the best choice we could have made for a learning management system.

Megan L. | Source: Capterra

I used to perform hours of live training annually, and usually, someone would be out so I would repeat it. Once I built the courses, the system can reassign the courses and track progress for compliance. Different staff require different courses, and the system can track and document all of the progress for me.

Benjamin L. | Source: Capterra

Successful orgs prioritize sexual harassment training

  • 80%

    of employees said that sexual harassment training made them feel safer at work.

  • 71%

    of employees said that sexual harassment training made them more likely to stay with the company.

  • 72%

    of employers provided sexual harassment training to their staff using an online learning platform.

The State of Sexual Harassment Training  – TalentLMS & The Purple Campaign Research

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