Real World Stories

Our customers are the ones who inspire each iteration, each new feature in TalentLMS.
These are their stories.

“The best part is the friendly relationship we have with the TalentLMS staff. They seem willing and able to address our concerns in a highly collaborative manner, which is very helpful and refreshing.”
~Brant Williams @ CPanel
“As an innovative leader committed to a beautiful and seamless customer experience, TalentLMS' cloud-based delivery platform was an intuitive choice for ACL Services.”
~Lauren Smirfitt @ ACL
“The TalentLMS platform is intuitive and quick to set up allowing our teams around the world to access up-to-date courses without the need to install software. Each of our subsidiaries is able to translate head office content and select a specific URL in order to use the site in their local language. Talentlms is mobile friendly, allowing our 'remote' sales representatives to gain knowledge and training on a more regular basis.”
~Caroline Watson @ DeLonghi
“After months of intense research, I chose TalentLMS. Along with the super-simple self-registration for each learner, I get basically zero support calls despite having over 2,000 novice users! And if I expect a bump in activity for a month, due to a new client coming on, I can bump up a level for that month, and pay the difference. It's basically "responsive pricing", and they actually warn me when I'm about to need to do that!”
~Chris Bauer @ Crunchtime
“After researching similar cloud-based Learning Management Systems, we chose TalentLMS not only for its features but also because our competitively-priced subscription includes Single Sign-On capability. We are delighted with the system’s easy-to-use platform and tools for the delivery, support, and administration of our eLearning and instructor-led courses.”
~Judi Schade @ BST Global
“We've been using TalentLMS for a couple of years now to handle developer certifications for people using the Telerik products. TalentLMS has met all our needs, but what we've been most fascinated with is their level of support - timely and expert advice each and every time we've contacted them for assistance! Thank you guys - keep up the great work!”
~Lidiya Petkova @ Telerik

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