Busting 5 Pesky Corporate eLearning Myths
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Busting 5 Pesky Corporate eLearning Myths

You’ve probably heard repeated at some time or another that there are three kinds of lies: “Lies, damned lies, and statistics”.

We beg to differ.

There are at least half a dozen other kinds: PR spin, disinformation, trolling, superstition, urban legends, and, my pet peeve, myths. And we don’t mean the Arthurian king of lore, but rather those modern, widespread, false beliefs that people keep repeating without bothering to check.

We’ve busted some of those right here in this very blog (including The 10 most popular Cloud-computing myths, as well as Myths about Mobile Learning and Web Design). See, myth-busting is what we do, and today we’re chuffed to bits to be busting down 5 especially pesky corporate eLearning myths.

Hold on tight…

eLearning Myth #1: Online training solutions are expensive and thus meant for big organizations

There’s absolutely no reason for SMEs to be afraid of eLearning.

The fact that major multinational companies have adopted it wholeheartedly is not proof that it’s only for large enterprises — just that it is a mature and essential tool for modern businesses in general.

Whereas cost could have been a concern in the past, when commercial LMS platforms used to cost a pretty penny, it has been close to a decade now that effective eLearning solutions have been accessible to all budgets, big and small.

What’s more, the flexibility, asynchronous nature and “create once – reuse as long as you want” nature of eLearning-based training means that it can be much more cost-effective, compared to traditional classroom-based lectures and seminar programs — and much less of a disruption to your employees’ workflows, which again, saves you money.

eLearning Myth #2: You need an IT department to deploy your own company-wide eLearning solution

In 2000 maybe.

But ever since the advent of Cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) eLearning solutions, even a small private company is able to take advantage of eLearning without requiring an IT department or complicated server installations and maintenance.

With TalentLMS, for instance, all it takes are a few seconds to register for an account and you’re ready to create your own eLearning courses, or buy and serve ready-made, high quality courses to your employees.

eLearning Myth #3: You need an expensive instructor to create a business training course

Not really.

Sure, you can potentially get the best results from a professional instructor — but that also comes with its own overheads: besides their pay, you’ll have to spend time and resources to get them familiar with your company’s particular training needs.

The thing is, you don’t have to have “the best” course — a good enough course is fairly easy enough to create, and will still have a great positive impact on your employees’ skills. After all, you’re not writing courses for Oxbridge; you’re creating training content to serve a business purpose.

modern eLearning tool like TalentLMS will help you reuse all the existing content (like PowerPoint presentations and Word documents) that you’ve used in the past to informally train employees and turn them into full blown lessons, complete with multimedia, tests and everything.

Plus, for common employee training topics (from ethics and harassment issues to financing and MS Office skills) there are plenty of professionally made courses that you can just buy, load on your LMS platform, and serve as part of your training program.

eLearning Myth #4: eLearning is all automatic

Sure, eLearning automates a lot of stuff for you, compared to traditional classroom-based learning: student management, grading, test creation, etc.

But it’s by no means a fully automated process. You will have to spend time to craft your courses. You will have to talk to your students and make adjustments. You will need to use the tools your LMS gives you, like reporting, to evaluate the success of your training program.

And, at least at first, you will need to get employees on board, and motivate them, so that they take their lessons seriously and start participating in their training program in earnest.

eLearning Myth #5: Employees don’t like eLearning

As with #3, this is again a half truth.

The truth is that employees don’t like tedious eLearning programs, especially when they conflict with their work schedules.

But there’s no need to make your courses tedious. And there’s no need to force your employees into a strict eLearning schedule — if anything, the ability for users to study when it’s most convenient for them is one of the most important features of eLearning compared to traditional learning.

Giving your employees the opportunity to study at their own pace and at their own place (or commute), automatically ensures that they will prefer eLearning over any classroom-based seminar that forces them to be dragged to at a specific time, , on a predetermined time, to listen to some boring lecture.

And if your LMS has an native mobile counterpart that supports offline learning (like TalentLMS does, with its TalentLMS for iOS and, soon, Android clients), your employees will be able to do their learning (and microlearning, another important training trend) from wherever they are.

And when it comes to spicing up your content to increase employee engagement, TalentLMS allows you to easily incorporate multimedia, interactivity, and even gamification features, that make the learning process more fun and engaging.


In this post we had a look, or rather, tore apart, 5 common corporate eLearning myths.

There are, of course, many more still, some related to general eLearning and others related to specific learning niches and activities (gamification, for example, has its own share of myths). That said, in future posts, we’ll be busting more of them, so stay tuned.

The best recourse – well, second best compared to reading this blog –  when you hear the kind of fishy statements we’ve examined from colleagues or eLearning industry pundits is to take them with a grain of salt and do your own research as to their validity.

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