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Why IT training is a perfect fit for e-Learning

The Information Technology (IT) industry moves at a fast pace characterized by continual innovation, this leads to a need for ongoing training. 

Why IT training is a perfect fit for eLearning - eLEARNING 101: CONCEPTS, TRENDS, APPLICATIONS - TalentLMS eBook

IT is a necessary part of operations for businesses and organizations alike and introduces the latest industry standard practices and emerging trends and technologies. 

Employees with outdated IT skills are of little value to any business and this makes IT training is one of the most popular online courses being offered today. With online training employees can be kept on the cutting edge – an absolute necessity for any business’s survival in today’s marketplace.

IT training programs respond to learners’ needs taking into account the desired knowledge and ability. Integrated online learning may include virtual classroom interaction, individual assessment, online video, and multimedia that make learning more effective.

Blended learning may also integrate face to face sessions and class interaction. Such training covers a wide spectrum of subjects from basic courses on Microsoft Office to very advanced topics on programming languages and IT security. Due to its nature, an IT course can easily capture detailed information about the training subject via screen video capture or interactive programming tests. Such courses are often also very effective very quickly.

IT training can benefit a variety of people in the organization at all levels from C-suite executives to administration. As a first point of call, organizations must reconsider the way training is delivered and look to offering IT programs that reflect the current roles and career objectives of staff. Online IT training offers benefits to both employees and employers alike:

Convenience and flexibility mean time savings and increased productivity for employees. As with any online training, employees can complete training on multiple devices, at their own pace and in their own time (or within time constraints set by management).

Performance can be measured and tracked, and work roles adjusted accordingly! Employee performance can be measured easily through tracking and reporting tools, allowing management to see how their employees are progressing at a glance. Management can then assign courses accordingly, have employees re-do courses if necessary, and/or assign different work responsibilities according to updated and/or new knowledge and skills!

Companies also benefit from the increased productivity and efficiency that comes with bolstered skills and cost savings. There is, for example, no need to recruit new employees, pay for employee training off-site or pay for a trainer. Overall it’s a win-win for both employee and employer.


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