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e-Learning solutions for Safety training

The main benefit of online training when it comes to safety and compliance is that employees can be reached everywhere, all over the world, at any time.

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One cannot take shortcuts when it comes to safety training and federal mandates, and face-to-face training just won’t cut it when you have employees scattered all over the country, or world for that matter. Safety and compliance training needs to be quickly updated and disseminated to employees quickly and easily – with the minimum of fuss. Online training through capable compliance training software is the only way a large number of employees in different locations can be reached at once without costing a fortune.

Types of safety training offered by e-learning organizations

The subjects covered in safety training programs online varies greatly, depending upon the company and industry. For example, a moving company might want to inform their employees about proper lifting procedures to avoid back injuries, while a medical facility may opt for a bloodborne pathogen safety training course.

Generally, online courses offer multimedia presentations of specific safety risk situations or hazards, and can accurately illustrate the proper response.

What are the benefits of safety training online?

The most significant benefit of virtual safety training is the decreased risk of on-the-job injury and accidents. Not only can this lower the risk of costs associated with injury, illness, death, damage to equipment, higher insurance premiums, staff turnover, and also delayed deliveries of products and service – but it can ensure that worker productivity levels remain high.

A safety training program protects your company and shows you have adequately trained employees in workplace safety. An insurance company, for example, can examine the safety training program you have made employees complete, and understand whether requirements have been met to protect employees and ensure workplace safety. Safety training also gives employees the confidence they need to work without fear of safety and boosts efficiency and productivity.

Safety training can have beneficial impact on any business, no matter how large or small:

  1. Best practice: this stresses the importance of the best work methods and procedures to employees, and communicates the commitment the company has to high-performance standards.
  2. Compliance: training ensures employees are compliant with all industrial and enterprise awards and agreements.
  3. Increase productivity: training increases the quality of work produced and efficiency in which tasks are completed.
  4. Reduction of costs: fewer work-related injuries or accidents will occur, reducing overall costs (associated with injury, illness, insurance claims etc.).
  5. Risk management: training contributes to the process of identifying, understanding and eliminating risks within the workplace.

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